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Dancing 3D Miniature Hatsune Miku

Very soon you might just have your own Hatsune Miku dancing on the tabletop in your homes with this interesting new technology that allows the projection of a 3D holographic image.

The video demostration was earlier release on Nico Nico Douga and it captured quite alot of attention with Miku fans.

Dubbed “fVision,” the so-called “hologram table” technology can display a free-standing image in a full 360 degrees, allowing multiple users to observe the 3-D image from various angles without extra equipment like a pesky screen to deflect the light. Instead, imaging equipment is installed underneath the table, leaving the top surface uncluttered.

Source: WSJ Japan Realtime


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  • Kazuki

    Very cool.. maybe next time they may have a miku concert using this technology :O

  • Blacksun88

    let the invasion continue!!