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Ueto Aya Voted Most Suitable To Act As Ayanami Rei

Ayanami Rei (綾波 レイ) from Evangelion is probably one of the most influential anime character and many people would have high expectation on the actress that will be portraying her if there was to be a live-action adaptation of the series. goo Ranking conducted a special poll with its users in April 2011 and asked which actress they thought was most suitable to play the role of Ayanami Rei.

In the end, prominent actress Ueto Aya was voted as the top choice, followed by Horikita Maki and Kuroki Meisa. Here’s the ranking of the top 10 female actress/idols:

01: Ueto Aya
02: Horikita Maki
03: Kuroki Meisa
04: Itano Tomomi
05: Yoshitaka Yuriko
06: Maeda Atsuko
07: Kitano Kii
07: Naka Riisa
09: Shinoda Mariko
10: Kaho
10: Takei Emi

Source: Zakzak via 2ch News Navigator

Personally I thought Horikita Maki makes a better choice than Ueto Aya because of Aya is just too cheerful to play out the role of Rei. What do you think?


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  • inferno0748

    ok, where is the list for Asuka? When there is Rei, there must one for Asuka, no? lol

    I just don’t know if I want an Eva live action. XD

  • Anonomyous

    For Aya, you have to look at her role in Azumi 1 to understand why they think she fits

  • kiddai

    I was kinda leaning towards Horikita Maki for being Rei. In terms of appearance surely enough Aya Ueto has those similar traits with Rei, but her teeth. =X
    But this is just my opinion >__<

  • ItsJustWerner

    I’m not familiar with the actresses in question, but from first glance Horikita Maki looks more suited to play Rei.