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Japan Gets Its Own “Saturday Night Live”

Saturday Night Live is one of my most favorite American sketch comedy show and I had been watching the series more than a decade. Japan will be getting its own version of SNL, and it is scheduled to premier 4 Jun 2011 on Fuji Television from 11:10pm.

“Saturday Night Live” debuted on NBC in 1975 and has continued ever since, with popular actors, performing artists and even politicians making almost-obligatory appearances on the venerated show over the years. The 90-minute show follows a sketch comedy format, typically featuring a monologue by a guest host to kick off the show, and a live musical performance to end it.

Many famous American comedians have the show to thank for launching their respective careers, and recurring sketches have frequently been spun off into feature-length films. The show is broadcast in 130 countries worldwide and has influenced a number of Japanese sketch comedy shows despite there being no official Japanese version until now.

“Saturday Night Live JPN” will run about 45 minutes in length. Comedian Takashi Okamura, 40, will be the program’s first guest, with performer Ken Hirai, 39, providing the first musical performance. Producers say that, like the show’s American inspiration, fans can expect big-name guests, including politicians, to make appearances. Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is expected to make a surprise appearance.

Source: Cyril Takayama’s Blog

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