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Bento Lunch Box with Video Cam

Do you remember when was the last time you thanked your mom/dad for making lunch for you? At the Interaction 2011 conference, a Japanese research group has a new interesting bento lunch box that records the entire process of how you mom painstakingly created that lunch so that you can view the video while you eat.

Apart from recording the process of how the lunch was made and playing it back for your while you eat it, the video camera also records your expression when you eat your lunch so that it can be available for viewing later back at home.

Source: DVICE

I think this lunch box has great potential and not only will it help improve communication between parent and child, but probably the relationship of couples as well.

Can you imagine being able to see a video of your lovely wife making lunch for you, probably wearing a sexy apron? That would definitely make any lunch taste better XD

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