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AKB48 First Original Album Postponed

AKB48 was due to release their first original album titled “Koko ni Ita Koto (ここにいたこと)” on 6 April 2011. However, AKB48 official blog has announced the album release will be postponed.

Here’s the official announcement extracted from the blog:


AKB48 send out our deepest sympathy to the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake, and we pray that Japan will recover quickly.


We had planned to release our third album “Koko ni Ita Koto” on the 6 April. However the earthquake on 11 Mar has affected our production schedule, and we are unable to have an exact release date for now.


In addition, we have also taken into consideration of the feeling of the earthquake victims and decided to postpone the release of our album.


We hope that everyone understands and accept our decision.

Source: AKB48 Official Blog

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  • Tom

    I have a feeling that many things in Japan will be postponed.

    Does not really matter anyway. The important thing is the safety of Japan and it’s people. I really hope that the nuclear disaster does not get worse. :(