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Touhou 13th Official Game Announced

Touhou Project creator ZUN has officially announced that the 13th Touhou game titled ” Touhou Shinreibyou ~Ten Desires” 「東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires.」 is currently in production

A demo of the game will be available during the Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 8 that is scheduled to take placed on 13 Mar 2011.

Source: kourindou.exblog.jp via 2ch News Navigator

My slow reactions always prevent me from successfully playing all these bullet hell Touhou games, but I always enjoy watching people play them.

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  • Blacksun88

    i also could not understand what is so fun about the game (I’m sucks in such game too), but I enjoyed all those Touhou MMD and AMV that are going around NND ^^

  • Demi

    I’m so stoked for this game! Can’t wait to take a week off and just pummel into more touhou awesomeness.