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Nendoroid Princess Feena Fam Earthlight @ Botanica Gardens

Last Saturday, I joined comrade kodomut on an outing to Singapore’s Botanica Garden for a photoshoot of Nendoroid Princess Feena Fam Earthlight. Feena is just so kawaii that all we did was to place her beside some beautiful flowers and she shone like a star in front of the lense.

Nendoroid Feena @ Botanica Gardens

Nendoroid Feena @ Botanica Gardens

I absolutely adore this shot of her sleeping comfortably in the flower bed. I wonder what sweet dreams is she having? ^^

Nendoroid Feena @ Botanica Gardens

Of course, if you are a princess, it might be dangerous to be sleeping alone out in the open. But that’s another story for another time XD

In the meanwhile, you can also check out some of the shots taken by kodomut.

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  • http://sabekujikaneda.multiply.com Sabekuji Kaneda

    The second pic is my fave.

  • Otaqueen

    Great shots!!! I simply love them <3

  • http://saoblog.laventanadesaouri.com Saouri

    Last pic is just adorable. Like a Nendo’s version of Sleeping Beauty *0*