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Evangelion AT-Field Umbrella

Living in Tokyo-3 is dangerous because you never know when the angels will arrive with their next attack, so you might want to bring along this really cool AT-Field umbrella to protect yourself against flying rock debris and laser rays. ^^

Unlike the Fate/Stay Night Excalibur Umbrella Sword that was sold for 10,000 yen, this AT-Field Umbrella retails for just 880 yen. The price quite justifies the simple yet cool design, so I’ve already preordered one for myself in preparation for the annual Nov-Dec rainy season.

The umbrella will be released in Oct 2010. Interested folks can place your preorders with Hobby Search.

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  • http://www.projectharuhi.net Kei

    Laser rays? Are you serious?

    I think you meant “positron beams.”

  • Akito

    That sure is a reasonable price so I’ve place my preorder as well. I’m afraid that I will have to pay more for the shipping costs:D

    • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

      Yeah I worry that the umbrella would have to come in a large container, then the shipping is gonna be @_@

  • Blacksun88

    haha those that did not know about the series will only think that this is another ordinary fan XD