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Star Wars X Winnie The Pooh

If you liked the Star Wars Characters Reimagined As Samurai Warriors post on Wednesday, then you probably like the following illustrations below as well. Some of the Star Wars cast has been reimaged by illustrator James Hance into the world of Winne the Pooh –  Han Solo is Christopher Robin, Chewbacca is Pooh Bear, R2D2 is Piglet, and an AT-AT is Eeyore.

Source: James Hance via Boing Boing

I really liked the drawing of Christopher Robin trying to fix AT-AT Eeyore. That is just too adorable. Hope James doesn’t get into trouble with George Lucas’ lawyers XD

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  • http://mrlonelyheart.wordpress.com AstrayP03

    cute! :D

  • nendoxnerd

    Chewbacca is so cute~

  • Blacksun88

    nice one hehe