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Ita-Elevator Promotes New Eroge

This should be the new standard for all elevator found within Akihabara! This unique Ita-Elevator 痛エレベーター can be found at the Gamers main shop in Akihabara and its promoting the new eroge Kud Wafter (クドわふたー), a Japanese adult visual novel that is developed by Key and scheduled for release on 25 Jun 2010.

Source: AkibaBlog

Since the game is only meant for those above 18, does that mean the ita-elevator is off limits to young kids XD

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  • Takuya

    Isn’t she the loli from Little Busters! Game?

  • FNX

    As long as it’s a Key game it would have a great story, I’m hoping to see this new game soon

  • Kyoufu

    Was looking forward to something on Angel Beats, but if this is anything like Tomoyo After, I’m interested.

  • http://happyrain.org/ Emily

    Isn’t she the loli from Little Busters! Game?

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