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Summer 2010 Anime Lineup

Here’s the lineup of anime series for Summer 2010 thanks to the compilation efforts of Denizen. I can’t wait to catch the second season series of Kuroshitsuji 黒執事, Sengoku BASARA, and Strike Witches!

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  • http://yuujinchou.wordpress.com/ Nekomimi036

    Personally looking forward to Highschool of the Dead, Occult Academy, Amagami SS, Mitsudomoe and Sekirei 2nd season… also hope of the BRS anime to this time. > >

  • FNX

    So many options this time, High school of the dead is a must, im interested in occult and probably ill be watching asobi and naruhyon, and sekirei and digimon are a must too to follow the previous ones

  • yasuragi

    WOW!! i just hope they do the anime as good if not better than the manga. Must see. and quite keen on strike witches 2. girls with guns always seems toplease…just wish it wasnt so loli

  • Takuya

    I look forward to Digimon Xros Wars and Sengoku Basara 2 ^^

  • nendoxnerd

    Can’t wait for Sengoku Basara 2.

  • http://animaticfigmation.com Persocom

    nothing stands out too much this season besides Strike Witches 2, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up picking up at least a couple of them and loving them in the end.

  • http://sabekujikaneda.multiply.com Sabekuji Kaneda

    OH YEAH!!! HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD!!! Zombies in anime = EPIC WIN

    Also looking forward to Sengoku Basara and Strike Witches!