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Monkey D. Luffy’s Straw Hat

As a One Piece fan, one of the prized item that I always had been wanting to get was the straw hat worn by Monkey D. Luffy. Finally my wish has came true as it is now available for preorder via Premium Bandai!


The straw hats are specially handcrafted by, Shoji Ishida, a master that specialises in the creation of straw hats, and was placed 2nd in an international competition in France.


The crown of the straw hat is 57.5cm and it retails for 4,980 yen on Premium Bandai. I’ve just placed one preorder for myself and hopefully it will arrive by Aug 2010.

Source: Fashion Snap via Gigazine

The straw hat would be a great accessory to wear on a nice sunny day when I go out for photoshoots.


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  • FNX

    It looks really cool, and the pictures make it look even better

  • http://www.asuka-suminoe.com Asuka

    lol the boy makes a good Luffy!

  • AlucardXlll

    Hey man, i dont know if you reply to these but, did it arrive when you ordered it. also iwould like to purchase one but do not know any japanese so i dont understand the web site. think you can helP?

    • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

      Yup I did receive it. You can place your order via proxies (e.g. Tokyohunter or Yokattaweb).

      • AlucardXlll

        I really have no idea what a proxy is….not very computer smart when it comes to doing foreign stuff. how long did it took to arrive? since it came from japan to where you live? and did it arrive on good conditions?

      • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

        Proxies are people who act as middlemen and help you with your purchases (since they understand Japanese). The two I listed are reliable and I have bought things from them so you can be sure your items will arrive safely.

  • AlucardXlll

    Sorry to bother you again after such a long while. i have tried very hard to find a way to get one but no luck anywhere, i dont even know if they are producing any more. this is a long shot, but would you sell me yours??? lol

    • http://www.alafista.com/ Alafista

      Sorry but thats not possible XD

  • alucardXlll

    Hahaha, i imagined so. Do you know if there are more in production? I don’t really know where to go to find news about Japan and stuff.

  • hedev

    Hai! Guyz I’m reallly interested in this particular hat too. If you come across any info concerning its availability let me know in this topic!! :D

  • Ethan

    Japan or Premium Bandai MAKE MORE STRAW HATS OF THIS QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BUY IT AT ANY PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    were can i place a order for one?