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Evolution of The Otaku Room

What does your room look like? SankakuComplex has posted a series of three interesting scans from Newtype magazine show how the otaku room has evolved with times from 1985 till 1995 and then finally the modern day otaku.




Image Source: Sankaku Complex

So has your room managed to continually evolve over time? Or has it been stuck in a particular era?

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  • MizuhoChan

    Mines a combination.

  • Duke of Yashima

    The body hug pillow is clearly contemporary otaku, but there’s not nearly enough K-On figures!

  • http://www.optimisticpenguin.com optimisticpenguin

    hmmm maybe I am not true otaku my room resembles non of those, but then again I am a girl so perhaps that has something to do with it.

  • http://chouzuru.blogspot.com/ Sara Mari

    Oh interesting drawings indeed. I had an otaku room when I was 13-15 but I’m always changing it. Now I’m trying to do a more fairy-kei type room^^

  • http://moeformoe.wordpress.com TehShien

    I think the 90s room is the most interesting one, with the SNES, SEGA Saturn and Laserdisc Player :)
    The contemporary otaku room is clean and organized but there is too many hug pillows and moe-merchandise…A combination of the contemporary and 90s room would be most ideal~

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