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Walking Dakimakura

What would be your first reaction if you ever saw a dakimakura walking down the streets? Run up to hug it? Beat up the person inside? Or just run away?


Well here’s a short clip that was posted on Nico Nico of a man that was walking around Tokyo with a dakimakura over his whole body. I guess Japan would be the only place on this Earth where you can see such weird and funny stuff. LOL

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  • http://sabekujikaneda.multiply.com Sabekuji Kaneda

    I might try to feel the chest area. Y’know, just out of curiosity~

  • FNX

    If I were to choose to hug it I’ll surely get nightmares when I figure out is a man…

    • Blacksun88

      haha i think 80% of it is a man><

  • http://zh3us.wordpress.com zh3us

    one of the more epic stuff i’ve seen today!