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New Year Resolution for 2010


It is very important to set goals for oneself, and the best time to do it is during the start of the year!

But before I write down my goals for the new year, I need to review whether I had accomplished the things I had set out to do in 2009:

  • A new site layout [achieved!]
  • A new site mascot [site mascot created by Maha but need to work on new header banner - achieved]
  • More original content [introduced Nendo's Travelogue, but still need more original content - partly achieved]
  • Work harder and earn more $_$ [working more but also spending more >_< - achieved]
  • Stop procrastinating and lose some weight [I gained weight instead of losing them - fail!]
  • Gain more visitors for this site, preferably 200k/month by Dec 2009 [achieved 195k visitors in Oct -achieved!]

I’m quite satisfied that I had managed to accomplished many of the goals for 2009, especially those related to my website. The only regret is that I had procrastinated on losing weight and the routine of working in the office had resulted in me gaining weight >_<

I did some thinking of the 1st of January, and decided on 10 goals for myself and this website in 2010:

  • Hire a profession to create a truly unique site layout, target to complete by Mar 2010
  • Complete new header banner featuring site mascot Akari by end of Jan 2010
  • Create at least 2 new original content within 2010
  • Achieve 300k of unique visitors by Dec 2010 with a google page rank of 5
  • Save enough money to visit Japan in Wonder Festival Summer
  • Start using Japanese more (for a start: tweet at least once in Japanese everyday)
  • Try to get a new job that I can be truly passionate (anime, publishing or social media industry)
  • Adopt my first dolllfie daughter ^^
  • Continue to improve my photography skills
  • Learn at least 10 new magic tricks (a hobby I had put off for quite long)

So what’s your new year resolution? I leave you to think about it with an interesting quote I read on new year resolutions: A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

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  • http://mizuwhirl.com Thai Nguyen

    That’s a lot of goals you have. Personally I’ve just placed one goal for myself; to watch less anime since the habit has really become unhealthy. I don’t know how it’ll go, but I’ll see… ^_^’

  • http://sabekujikaneda.multiply.com Sabekuji Kaneda

    I don’t like making a New Year’s resolution. I see them as promises to myself and I don’t want to break a promise XD

  • http://tangerinetango.wordpress.com ninjovee

    Wow. I think being able to accomplish more than half of your list is pretty good! I end up not making new year’s resolutions because I end up not doing them ^^;

    Hope you’ll be able to accomplish what you’ve set for this year!

  • http://www.animeraku.com Matteas

    Wow, what a load of resolutions! But I like this spirit of yours. That’s the way. 頑張ってください!

  • kiddai

    One of my New Year’s resolution is the opposite of yours. It is to gain weight!! I’ve been underweight for as long as I know..and I’ve been struggling to gain :( I blame my metabolism rate for this..

    Though there are others that I think of..my major goal is still to gain weight >_<

    Maybe we can always give you suggestion(s) for original unique content here :) So best of luck for your goals :D

  • Nekomimi036

    Ganbatte for your goals in 2010. \ >< / Like the idea with site mascots (can't wait to see "it"), meay I can draw something for you in the future…?

  • yasuragi

    hahahaa nice list…. i see you decided not to bother with loosing weight this year^^ mine resolutions are to learn korean and work out and gain weight lol^^%%’*!:

  • http://nyko119.wordpress.com/ Nyko119

    mine is 1080P
    lol :3

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